Thursday, August 2, 2007

POAS Tests

For something as important as "is someone pregnant or not", these tests leave a lot to interpretation. We have been pregnant before and Jennifer has believed it long before I have. Yes, I was a skeptic. In part it was due to history, odds are we aren't pregnant, but mostly it is due to having to tilt the stick, squint my eyes, and then wonder if I am using my imagination to see a line because I know where it should be, or is it real? I guess the problem is our goal of early detection asap, and being impatient as opposed to the days when a woman waits until she misses her period and then takes the test. Anyway, over the last few days I have become less of a skeptic. Jennifer has been testing daily, trying to figure out when the second HCG shot has cleared her system. The first test she showed me 4-5 days ago, had one of those hallucinated lines if you ask me, though she thought it was still a positive. Two nights ago, I came home and happened upon the test from that morning on the counter top, the line was not dark, but it was clearly visible and I am comparing one 9-hour old test to another. This is when I really got hope. I started asking Jennifer about getting the Hep.arin filled, and how she was feeling. I'm was getting hopeful, but Jennifer was staying guarded. This morning there was a visible line within the 3 minutes the test says to wait. I am not a skeptic anymore, but Jennifer still is. Looks like it will take a blood test to know for sure. Will the evil Lord of Infertility prevail leaving our heroes with the disappointment of another failed cycle and more treatments, or will he loose this battle leaving them with the uncertainty of pregnancy and the fear of another loss. Tune in next time to see which flavor of stress the B-unit will be under.


nancy said...

Wow! I wouldn't be a skeptic anymore either. I'll wait until tomorrow to see the "official" results, but hcg doesn't go up and down in your system from the trigger shot. If it's getting darker, it's getting darker for a reason!

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