Tuesday, August 21, 2007

We have a good heartbeat!!!

I don’t think there was anything else to put in the title. We saw the baby. Measuring 6wks2days. I am 6wks4days. The heart rate is 113!!!!!!!!!!!! We are so thrilled. I gave a big sigh of relief when I heard it and saw it. Dr. B said that everything looked and sounded good. He even talked to us about the future trans nucheal u/s. That is the u/s that screens for downs syndrome by measuring the neck folds I think. I’ll have to read my packet from Dr. B. He never did that before. I go back next Friday, my second day at the new job. Oh well. They knew this in advance.

I do have a corpus luteum cyst. That is where I bled into the follicle where the egg came out. He said it is not a big deal, we will watch it closely. That just means taking it easy, no jumping around, no heavy lifting and no s.ex. Poor Rich!!! Dr. B said it is just like a bruise & it will eventually go away. He looked at my bruised belly & said it could be worse.

I am truly convinced that Hep.arin is a miracle drug! I can’t believe we finally got this far and it has everything to do with the testing & Dr. B being cool with using the shots.

I was so excited & relieved that I forgot to remind him to check my cervical length. Oops!

So now I have a vent about the visit today. I know you are probably thinking, how can she vent about such a great appt. Well Dr. B had an intern with him today. She was a OB/GYN Dr. He let her do the u/s. She sucked at it. I was ready to just do it myself. That was not cool for him to let her do the u/s. It was not good for her bumbling around with someone who has had multiple m/c and needs results ASAP. She couldn’t get it in the right place & looked at my ovary first. She also couldn’t hold it still for the heartbeat. She sucked bad. Finally Dr. B took over, put everything in the right place right away & got all the right measurements. When he took the measurements the baby was actually 1 day ahead.

We got 4 pics although it just looks like a blob now, but hopefully by next week of the week after it will start looking like a baby.

Thanks for all the thoughts & prayers everyone. I am starting to believe this might be our keeper!!


MC said...

I have the feeling that it is going to be your keeper as well.

Must be the shooting star : )

I never was a real "churchy" person but lately I asked for help, protection and all kind of stuff and YES you were in my prayers and will continue to be.

I am hoping for the best, you deserve it and again I really think you are really strong to do all those injections bu yourself.


Anonymous said...

This is absolutely your keeper - I know it in my soul. I'm so happy for your tremendous news. Enjoy every second and don't let doubt enter in for even a second.


MrsSpock said...


You know you always have the right to say "No thanks" when it comes to an intern examining you. It's your body.

Sarah said...

Congrats!!! That is terrific news!! It had to be so amazing for you to see and hear that heartbeat:)

Anonymous said...

What wonderful, wonderful news!! You are constantly in our thoughts - remember to slow down and just enjoy this time. There won't be much sleep after the little one arrives!


Kristen said...

Congratulations on the heartbeat! It is so amazing to see that little flicker on the monitor.

I am thinking of you and praying for your sticky bean! I'm so glad the Heparin is working out :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats guys!! I can't wait to hear the updates...

Jen, I feel your pain with the injections. I only had to do them for two weeks and hated them. Just stay strong. And I hope it does turn out to be your "miracle" drug!

Jen Steinke

Lynard1210 said...

This is awesome news! So happy for you! Good luck starting your new job.

Kim said...

Grow, baby, grow!