Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Not much to say

$ store tests still positive but getting more faint. Tomorrow is 14dpIUI. Not much hope going on right now.

Last night was so great & this morning was so painful. Rich said he was excited & hopeful that it worked. So was I, so much that we went to the pharmacy to try & get my Hep.arin filled. They didn't have it, but I figured I would just try somewhere else today. This morning I woke up to test. Today is 10 days past the second HCG test. The line took forever & was barely there. My temp also dropped some. I really hate how my body plays the tricks on me. I think maybe this is it, things are a little different this month. Then it will all come crashing down in a few days.

I hate that I do this to Rich everytime. He gets his hopes up and has them dashed too. This hurts so much. I hate getting excited about possible symptoms and then it all goes down the drain.

I am just tired of the whole thing. I am tired of the guessing, hormones, hope, falls, sobbing and the unknown.

This cycle was just weird for me & I never got excited about it. Maybe my body is trying to tell me that I am done. Maybe it is tellng me that I am done with the guess work & ready to move on to something with a defintie end to it?


Anonymous said...

just wanted to say we love you guys! I've been through all those emotions that I can't even give you "words of wisdom" because I KNOW exactly how you feel!!!

and even though you in a funk, you still have had the strength to be supportive of me! love you for that!!!

julie and greg

maya boris said...

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Anonymous said...

They send me this too Dr azuba spell temple do u think its true...

Anonymous said...

I got the same message,did you try it. I have doubts,but so desperate..., I want to try it out,know what I mean