Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Bloodwork Results & Notice

Long time no update. Things are going ok I guess. Just really tired & aggravated right now.

HCG yesterday was 7,620. Needed to be at least 6,400.
Progesterone was 35. That went down but I talked to the nurse today and she said that it was still fine. Still a good number & progesterone can fluctuate greatly depending on time of day or other factors. Just made me nervous since it kept going down last time & we know how that turned out. They offered a blood draw on Friday, but I declined. I don’t want anymore blood draws, plus I am using a natural progesterone cream from my very good friend. It is natural so won’t hurt anything & gives me some peace of mind. I am at the point now where I am done with blood draws & onto my first Dr visit & ultrasound. U/S is scheduled for next Tuesday.

Sickness is the afternoon/evening for me. Starts at around 3:00 in the afternoon. Not too much throwing up yet. I am glad of that. I will take whatever I get though.

I gave my notice Monday. It didn’t go over well at all. My feelings were hurt & I gave the notice. They are making it hard for me. They keep bugging me to stay. I am ready to go & I wish they would leave me alone. It is very emotionally draining for me right now anyway. They are bringing up things that I hadn’t really thought about yet & it is making me second guess my decision. Rich says I shouldn’t do that, but I can’t help it. I think it would be easier if everyone hated me & wanted me to go. Others are taking it personally & thinking that the drama a few months ago is true. I guess in a way it was, but it still makes me feel bad.

They want to have a big going away lunch. I do not want that as I know I will be a mess. I am a very private person and I don’t want attention focused on me. That’s one reason why I don’t want a baby shower ever either. So this will be very hard for me. But I’ll make it through. There are good things waiting for me after next Friday.


MrsSpock said...

Glad your beta is trending in the right direction....I'm sure your job change is the right decision- screw those bastards!

Sarah said...

I am so sorry that they are aggravating you and that they keep bringing things up that you haven't thought of. Some people are incredibly insensitive. You are trying to make your life better and they should respect that and be happy for you. I think they are realizing what a great employee you are and that they should have treated you better. Their loss! In my own opinion, I think you made a great decision! Screw everyone else I say! Glad to hear your bloodwork is good! Hope your day goes better :)

Jason said...

I would agree with Rich and say that you shouldn't second guess your decision. Change is always scary, but often times things turn out for the better.

Anonymous said...

It was so nice to see you Sat. You were so excited about this new position and the opportunities it will offer you. Sometimes change is needed even if it isn't easy. In the end, I'm sure you won't regret it!

Jen Steinke

MC said...

I think you are at the position where you should roll up your sleeve and say: Bye Bye bastards!
I do not have trust in you anymore for all the crap you gave me and you could not see all the good I had for you. Your lost!
Now I see a better life only away of you.
Starting Friday you will have so much relieve and just the good will be there waiting for you.
You deserve it! (For you, Rich and the one comming)
Let's go girl, good luck

Lynard1210 said...

Jenn, talk about trying to rain on your parade!! Why can't they just be happy for you? Because!! They are all miserable!! Run, Run as fast as you can!!!