Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Greetings Earth People!

That line is from one of my favorite movies as a kid/teenager. If anyone gets it I would be surprised. Rich no cheating!!

Well there is lots to update about. First of all, I start my new job tomorrow. Since I think they are a tad more sophisticated then the old place, I will not be mentioning the name or be blogging from work at lunch anymore. Sorry! Everyone will have to wait until after work for the updates. I am not really nervous yet. Just slightly aggravated as they are going thru a huge background check & can't get my degree confirmation. I have no clue where my diploma is so who knows what will happen with that.

Last day at the old job was so emotional for me. It was sad to go, but I still had to stay until 5:15 because all of the other girls left plus I need to get some stuff wrapped up. There were a lot of hurtful comments about how they don't expect me to last long at this job, that I'll be bored as a paper pusher & that I'll hate the commute. Not one of them knew the stressful situation I am in right now, so I could forgive some of them, but the partner saying I would be bored & would hate it was hurtful to me. Oh well. Time to move on.

Rich & I took a mini-break in between jobs to Florida for a few days. It was a nice relaxing time except for Monday night. We had played & swam on Sunday & Monday on the beach & the pool. Then we were flipping towels at each other in the room, running around. I go in the bathroom & find spotting. So of course I freak out. I am then checking every 5 mins & it is getting worse, turning to light red. Sorry if TMI. Anyway we go to dinner, Rich eats & I pick at my food while there it is getting more prominent. I get back to the hotel room & call my friend Devon to ask her about this since a similar incident happened to her on vacation. She calmed me down somewhat, but I knew what I needed to do. I called the DR answering service. I was praying that Dr. B was on call that night. I was afraid if the other Dr was on call, that he would just brush it off as no big deal. Anyway, I was lucky that Dr. B was on call. He called me & told me that 1 out of 3 pregnancies bleed in the first trimester, same as Devon told me. Since this is my third pregnancy & never had this on the other 2 I thought that made since. He said as long as I wasn't cramping that was good & probably not a m/c. I wasn't cramping. He asked me what I did that day & I told him we were on vacation in Florida so I had swam, walked around. He told me to take it easier the next day. Also to take Ibu.profen to relax the uterus until the bleeding stopped. Then Dr. B proceeds to talk to me about the weather in Florida & the weather up here. He was so nice. I felt bad calling, but we both felt better after speaking with him. Luckily, it stopped by mid-afternoon Tuesday. So the rest of the trip was better, but Monday night was so horrible. Of course we are thinking the worst. Although as soon as we got the Atlanta airport I threw-up & Have felt like crap since then. I told Rich I am allergic to home. Now we just wait until the appt on Friday to make sure everything is still ok.

We also promised Cletus that if he/she stays put, we will bring them back to the beach. Yes that is the nickname we came up with, Cletus the Fetus. Cletus for short.

Time to go rest up for my big day tomorrow & to get some more laundry done.


Julie and Greg said...

Yeah you are back! I am so sorry you guys had a scare. Why can't anything ever go smoothly? Glad Dr. B was on call and you got to talk to him. I'll be praying for good healthy news on Friday! Good luck tomorrow! Have a great 1st day on the job!

Jason said...

Hmm, would the movie be Midnight Madness?

Sarah said...

I am glad you had a nice time, but sorry you had a scare. We are praying everything looks great for you Friday!! Good luck with the new job as well!

MrsSpock said...

Good luck on your first day!

Lynard1210 said...

Sorry for the scare . . same thing happened when I was pregnant with Matt . . it turned out ok. . i'll pray you have smooth sailing the rest of the way.

Kim said...

So glad the bleeding stopped.

Cletus the Fetus - very cute!