Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Am I am Parent? - Part 2

I mean no disrespect to other people or my own losses, I still mourn the losses. I am sad, and I will have the memories forever. But am I a parent? Do people who loose infants, toddlers, teens, or even adult children still celebrate mother's day and father's day? Maybe celebrate isn't the right word. I have no doubt they remember their child, mourn the loss of their child, visit the grave site or memorial, but are they still a parent? Once a mother/father, always a mother/father? This is not a stretch for me to believe or accept. I think once you are a mother or a father, you are always a mother or a father. My struggle is where in time that point is. This opens a whole new can of worms, including religion and all the abortion debate, ugh. I want to try to avoid such heated topics that will only make this decision more difficult, we will see if that is possible. Everyone has beliefs, but beliefs can change. That is what I am reaching out for here, the possibility that fumbling through my own thoughts, or other peoples' thoughts and comments will shine a new light on things for me.

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Anonymous said...

Jenn and Rich,
This is something I think about a lot too. I'm not sure how Greg thinks about it. But I know this, for our 15 weeks we were Mom and Dad to our little angel. Now that our angel is gone does that mean we aren't mom and dad anymore? We lost a good friend from college and I think about his parents. Even though Dave died at a young age does that mean his parents aren't parents anymore? It's a tough concept since our children weren't here for us to hold in our hands. But you created life and for that reason you are Mom and Dad to your angels. Just my thoughts! Thanks for making me think about this, now I have to run and pick Greg's brain about it!