Monday, July 16, 2007

And how was your weekend?

So usually on Sunday night, the routine is to get clothes out for tomorrow, make sure we have stuff for lunch, maybe do some reading & basically just relax & gear up for the week ahead. Well, at 10:00 tonight Rich was sitting on the couch reading blogs when he said he smelled something in the house. Then he asked me where Skyler was. That smell that he was asking about . . . SKUNK!!!!!! So at 10:30 on Sunday we are looking like the local rednecks with the dog tied up in the front yard, the floodlights on & we are hosing & tomato juicing the dog. Great way to end the weekend & in the middle of all this I have to give myself my shot. Here are some photos from the great skunk stenchout of 2007.

For anyone keeping score, this summer is dogs 3, critters 1.

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