Sunday, July 29, 2007

Hope is a big ole . . .

BITCH!!! Progesterone is 23.9. Means I ovulated. The other 2 times it was 12 & 14. The nurse was excited, but I am not. Doesn't mean anything to me. Every time it was higher, nothing happened. Although there are other things to make me wonder.

I have taken naps after work twice this past week.
I made breakfast this morning. It was my idea & it made me gag. I am not a morning person & usually don't want to eat as soon as I get up.
I have been more hungry.
I have been warmer than usual.
I have been "regular".
My nose has been more sensitive. I smelled burnt toast in the office on Friday & no one else had yet. Last time it was cheeze-its.

There are logical explanations to all of these items. We went to the gym so my metabolism is up. I have been eating better. I have been staying up later and the stress from last week caught up with me. It is July after all so I should be warm. Even with the explanations, Hope is there in the wings, peaking her head around. I was prepared to have this cycle fail & then these little thing happen instead.

Question to some of you, hopefully someone can answer this for me: I am still testing a faint positive a week after the 2nd HCG shot. Does anyone know how long it will usually last? I don't want a false positive in a few days. I am going to keep testing with the $ tree test, but I am looking for any information on this. Thanks!!!


Anonymous said...

Some times it will be faint positive all the way. I would just call the nurse and do a blood HCG. But that just me.

Much Love to you on this TWW. I am thinking of you!

Anonymous said...

Jenn - I did the same thing! For me, the line faded within a week. I'm not sure exactly when though b/c I tested the morning after the trigger and then again at 7dpo. You are very much in my thoughts!!


MrsSpock said...

I was told it could be positive up to 10 days after the injection...