Friday, July 13, 2007

Am I a Parent - Part 3

I'm an engineer. I'm a very scientific person. I like things to be tangible and explained. I like 2+2=4, and I hate floating point precision issues that say otherwise, (some of you will feel my pain, what do you mean (x+1)^2 is not equal to x^2+2x+1?). I like measurements and evidence, that is how we learn, that is why we can do all that we can do today. Measurements and evidence are what resulted in the discovery of the wonderful fertility treatments available to us. Yet, despite measurements and evidence, science has been wrong before. And despite measurements and evidence, there are still things yet to be measured, and still things yet to be discovered. Which leads me to one of my favorite quotes; "Absence of evidence, is not evidence of absence". I have no citation or credit to give, I just read it somewhere and it stuck with me. Just because I have yet to find tangible measurable evidence that I am a parent, doesn't mean that I am not. Nothing has proven the contrary. Just because I did not witness a birth, I did not hear a newborn scream, I don't have a baby to hold, a child to nurture and teach right from wrong, just because I haven't had a diaper blow up on me, a history of sleepless nights, or a completely new daily routine and social schedule, more financial responsibility, a new list of chores at home, doesn't mean I am not a parent. All of the activities that I would associate with being a parent, my entire realm of experience of what a parent is and does, I have not experienced. Yet, the absence of all those things is not evidence that I am not a parent. So I continue with indecision.

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