Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Too sensitive?

Things have been bugging me alot lately as you can see from my previous posts. I wonder if I am becoming too sensitive to other people's comments? Should I just shrug them off & move on? I have always been the tough girl, never let them see you cry or upset. That is for later in private. I have always been the tomboy, up for any sports, dirty work or lifting/moving heavy stuff to prove I am a strong woman. I am not a wimpy girly-girl. Lately though, I see things swinging in a different direction for me. I am getting very upset about stupid comments made to me by others who know our situation. Normally I would just shrug them off, give them a dirty look or forget about it, but lately I can't. Maybe it is more hormones or maybe things are just really starting to get to me. I have tried to be honest & positive thru this whole IF experience, but it is starting to get me down almost daily. It is stupid comments too like "Why do you have such a big car? I don't know why you need it." Now I thought of a good comment later, but unfortunately it was too late. Stuff like that would never bother me before, but yesterday it really did. I went home & got teary eyed & it almost ruined my evening. I bought this car with the intent of filling the backseat with baby seats. I really can't help the fact that it is still empty.


Princess Peach said...

you're entitled to your feelings - i don't think you're being sensitive.

Hang in there

MrsSpock said...

Hmmm..."I have a big car to carry all the bodies in- capiche?"