Saturday, July 21, 2007

I don't get it

Work has been so crazy this is my first opportunity to update regarding the IUI. I have been working all the time. The IUI went on thursday morning & that's about all I can say about it. I messed up the appt time by 15 min so we were late. That menat we were taken in last. But that was the least of the problems then.

We get to the RE office & we go to the collecton lab. The place is about as big as a cubicle. We walked in & there is a women in there with a stroller & an infant!!!! I couldn't even beleive it. What the fuck was she doing there? And with an infant in a stroller at that!!! Well as Rich is updating his info, 2 other couples show up. Fianlly she realizes that she needs to get the hell out of there. I "kindly" hold the door open for her as she leaves. I knew I couldn't let it upset me as we had a job to do in the back room. I knew we would have a blow up session later. We go out to the car for breakfast & I let it go. I am mad & swearing at her and the fact that she alreayd has a baby, why is she there again already? She probably can't take care of that one since she obviously can't find a sitter. Anyway I finally calm down. Maybe her significant other is just "donating" & they aren't trying for anything again.

So we get back from breakfast and go into the RE office 15 min late, althoguh I don't realize it until later. Well guess who is already in the waiting room. The happy little family. So she is there to get an IUI as well. So unfair!! I can't even beleive it! While we are waiting the baby is crying, betaing her feet on the stroller & jsut being a baby. But to us & the other couples in the waiting room it was like nails on a chalkboard. I saw the other couple as they were trying to get the baby back in the stroller & get it manuevered around the waiting room & back to an exam room. As we go back to the exam room, waht do you think I hear? A baby crying. I wish they had a sign up at the office asking people nto to bring their babies. I wish they had realized how much it hurts the rest of us to see them there. Why didn't they just take turns & wait in the hallway if they didn't have a sitter? This wasn't an inspiration or full of hope. This felt like a rub it in the face. I hope if we are lucky enough to have any babies, that I never forget where I have come from. I would be more than happy for poeple to remind me if I need it.

I don't have any hope of this IUI working. Please don't try & encourage us either. I have been so stressed out about work that I am sure I don't have a hospitatable environment in my uterus right now. We are already planning for the next cycle. Althoguh the 2 times I thoguht it didn't work & acted like things were a mess, it did work. I forgot abotu that.

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